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Barbara Cadiente-Nelson

For too long we have bore witness to abuses of power: migrant children torn from family and detained; deadly forces of racism against our Black brothers and sisters; armed defenses against indigenous-led protestors, and a violent threat to overthrow the democratic process of choosing our country’s leaders.

This storm swept us into the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing seclusion, sickness, suffering, and loss.

What is to become of us? Our children?

These troubled waters demand a response — to unite, to stand with, to be purposeful, to know and do what matters.

Hél unalé. Almost.

Ha’wałga dip di ‘waat. We haven’t gotten there yet.

Tluwáay kyáanggeilgang. The boat is coming into view.

Wooch.een yei jigaxtoonei! We are going to work together to reach safe harbor — alongside Tribes, Veterans, Landless, cultural language bearers and community leaders — to achieve shareholder priorities: education, employment, language restoration, and ultimately, to take care of our waters and Haa Aaní / Łitl’ Tlagáa / Na Yuubm–OUR LAND.

Fortunately, through integrity and disciplined leadership, Sealaska businesses are growing exponentially; providing us resources to be a “force for good.” Haa Too Yei Yatee! It is in us!

I ask for your vote of confidence.
Gunalchéesh. Agyamanak. Háw’aa. T’oyáxsut ‘nüüsm.

View Director Barbara Cadiente-Nelson’s full proxy statement here.

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