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Liz Medicine Crow

Xaada ‘laa isis (Good People in Xaad Kíl): As a Tlingit, I am Raven Kaach.ádi, Fresh Water-marked Sockeye Salmon, from the Kutís’ Hít of Keex’ Kwáan (Kake), the Mouth of the Dawn People. I am the grandchild of the Tsaagweidí, the Killerwhale People from the House that Anchors the Village and am honored to hold all the Tsaagweidí as my direct opposites, and I also acknowledge the Dakl’aweidí, Wooshkeetaan, and Shangukeidí. As a Haida, we come from Masset, Haida Gwaii then Hydaburg and finally Kake. I am Eagle Tíits G’itanée, Hummingbird. My grandfather was Thomas Jackson Sr. of Kake, my grandmother was Mona (Ingram/Frank) Jackson. My parents are Bill and Della Cheney. Sealaska is in its next phase of growth to achieve the vision of our ancestors and Elders — a thriving, strong Native corporation making a profit by advancing Native values, knowledges, and ways of being with our diverse Native communities and in solidarity and partnership with tribes and tribal sovereignty. Because of this, within our lifetimes, we will see a massive transformation where we are thriving in our homelands and wherever we are as Native peoples. This vision requires us all; I seek to be of service. Gunalchéesh! Háw’aa!

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