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Sealaska Supports Sitka Tribe Efforts to Protect Herring Fishery
Thursday, December 20, 2018

Image from 2016 herring season. Image by Bethany Goodrich, Sustainable Southeast Partnership

Sealaska supports the Sitka Tribe of Alaska (STA) taking legal action against the Alaska State Fish and Game in response to its recently published 2019 herring harvest guidelines. The tribe filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court citing the state for mismanagement of the fishery. The lawsuit seeks to protect the sustainability of herring for future subsistence and traditional gathering.

Sealaska is contributing $40,000 toward the tribe’s legal efforts as it continues to advocate for better management of the fishery that will benefit both commercial and subsistence harvesters.

“Sealaska remains a strong advocate for protection of traditional harvesting rights and improving fisheries management, especially in the face of changing ocean conditions that leave these species open to greater risk,” said Sealaska CEO Anthony Mallott. “Sealaska has always supported subsistence rights. We are proud of our small contribution to support better management of an important resource that benefits the Sitka community and beyond.”

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