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Sealaska Enrollment Application Made Easier and Online Only
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sealaska is now accepting enrollment applications online through the shareholder portal,

Sealaska is proud to announce we have moved to a paperless enrollment process that began mid-October. We have also simplified the application process as well.

  • We have dropped the notarization requirements.
  • Applicants can take a picture and upload supporting documents (supporting documents include your birth certificate, CIB, and potentially your parents and or grandparents birth certificates).
  • #Bonus – anyone who enrolls online between Oct.15, 2018 – Dec.16, 2018 and have approved applications, are entered for cash prizes (1st prize, $500, 2nd prize $500).


When Sealaska was established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) 15,782 people were enrolled and are often called “original” shareholders. Each original shareholder received 100 shares of class “A, “B” or “C” stock (more about stock classifications at this link).

In 2007, Sealaska shareholders voted and approved, to issue new shares (we call this life estate stock) to eligible descendants (class “D” stock) and Leftouts (class “L” stock). Life estate stock cease to exist upon the shareholders death. Eligibility for class “D” or “L” stock includes:

  • ¼ Alaska Native blood quantum.
  • A lineal descendant of a Sealaska shareholder or eligible to enroll in 1971.
  • Not enrolled with another ANSCA corporation (if you were gifted or inherited shares this does not hinder applying for class “D” or “L” stock).
  • Click here to read more about eligibility requirements.

Sealaska has a perpetual enrollment for life estate stock (class “D”, “L” and “E”) and does not have a closing date. Enrollment can occur anytime of the year. Sealaska encourages you to apply before Dec. 16, 2018 to be eligible for cash prize drawings, additional prize details below.

About Class “D” Stock
Also referred to as descendant stock – the new shares are issued to eligible shareholder descendants who apply and are approved.
• Class “D” stock is considered life estate stock and will cease to exist upon the death of the shareholder.
• Class “D” stock cannot be gifted or willed and has voting privileges.
• Class “D” stock receives dividend payments from the permanent fund and operations.

About Class “L” Stock
Also referred to as Leftout stock — Leftout shareholders are those who were eligible to apply during the original ANSCA enrollment in 1971 but didn’t.
• Class “L” stock is considered life estate stock and will cease to exist upon the death of the shareholder.
• Class “L” stock cannot be gifted or willed and has voting privileges.
• Class “L” stock receives dividend payments from the permanent fund and operations.

Read more about all classes of Sealaska stock at this link.

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