Sealaska Encourages Get Out the Vote
Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Alaska’s special election – along with the regular primary election – will be held in person on August 16. This is an important year for Alaska’s elections, with the opportunity to impact our state’s leadership at every level. Sealaska encourages shareholders to seek information on every candidate and ensure that you are up to date on voting information and your voter registration.

Vote In Person on August 16

Alaskans can vote in person on the day of the election at their polling place. Ballots for this election will not be mailed automatically to voters. Voters must vote in person unless otherwise requested.

  • Find your polling place here.

Vote Early/Absentee by Mail

Voters can request an early/absentee ballot be mailed to them in advance. Ballots must be witnessed and postmarked by August 16. The deadline to request a ballot for the special election is August 6.

  • Request a ballot by mail here.

Vote Early/Absentee In Person

Voters can also cast their ballots in person through early voting, which starts August 1. Early voting is only available at select early voting polling stations.

  • Find an early voting polling place here.

Voter Registration

The deadline to register to vote or make changes to your voter registration before this election is Sunday, July 17.

  • Register to vote or update your information by visiting here.

Ranked Choice: Special Election Edition

This special election is our first opportunity to see Alaska’s ranked choice voting system in action. Here’s how it will work:

On one side of the ballot, voters will see information and candidates for the regular primary election for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s race, U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative and State Senators and Representatives. For each seat, select ONE candidate (“Pick One Primary”). Though the primary for the full term for U.S. Representative has many candidates, three candidates (Nick Begich, Sarah Palin and Mary Peltola) that appear on this side will also appear on the back for the special election, as all three candidates are running for both the regular term, which begins in January 2023, and the special election, which begins in September. On the front side, only select one of these candidates – your top choice.

On the back side of the ballot, you will find their names as candidates for the special election general. There, rank the candidates in order of your preference.

  • View a sample ballot here.
  • Not sure what district you live in? Find your district number by visiting here.

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